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Federation Corridor Planting
Federation Corridor
In 2001, Club members assisted by Tamar Natural Resource Management and other volunteers fenced a demonstration site, which was planted with native vegetation.

Planting in the Federation Corridor

Wetland Project
Three wetland areas were constructed on Skemp Creek to aid the establishment of waterbird and platypus populations, and this has encouraged proliferation of freshwater crayfish on the property.

Reflections Top Wetland
Reflections on Top Wetland
Photographer Karen Manning

Checking water samples for waterbugs
Checking water samples for waterbugs Photographer Al Pegler
Water Monitoring
Macro-invertebrate (waterbugs) monitoring began in 2005 to keep a check on the quality of the water running through the property. With the assistance of Waterwatch Launceston, members obtain and check water samples from two places on Skemp Creek in Spring and Autumn. Monthly salinity and turbidity monitoring started in 2006.

John Lees Boardwalks
The Zig Zag track has many boardwalks to get through the swampy areas and by 2000 the boards had fallen into disrepair. The funding for the replacement came through the Launceston City Council and it was decided to name them after the late Mayor of Launceston, John Lees, as he had been an enthusiastic supporter of the Club. The boardwalks were started the day John Lees died.

Section of the John Lees Boardwalk
Section of the John Lees Boardwalk

Clearing bark and leaf litter from the trail Upgrading of Nature Trails
The property features around 5 kilometres of nature trails and these require constant work. Native vegetation, especially bracken, is constantly invading the tracks, trees fall on them, native animals obscure the tracks with their new ones and steeper parts are in need of steps.
Clearing bark and leaf litter from the trail

With around half the property cleared for farming a major task is to return some of the the open pasture to native vegetation. This work is ongoing and has been done by club members, school groups, Conservation Volunteers Australia and Green Corps groups and, in the case of the Federation Corridor, with funding from the National Heritage Trust.
Bagging a newly planted tree
Bagging a newly planted tree

Removal of water weed from Bob's Bog Eradication of Weeds
The weeds war is ongoing to eradicate blackberry, crack willow, foxglove, hawthorn, holly, spear thistle, sycamore and cumbungi (a water weed) from the property. Some weeds are sprayed direct while others are cut down and painted with Glyphosate.
Removal of water weed from Bob's Bog

Open Day
An Open Day to promote the Centre and the Club to the general public is held at the John Skemp property each year. Visitors are invited to participate in guided walks, learn about the property and facets of natural history. Use of the Centre's facilities including the barbecue and tea/coffee are offered during the day.
Skemps Open Day
Skemps Open Day

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