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Saturday 11 June - Fern foray at Briseis Water Race

Meet at 10.30am at the Branxholm swimming pool which is on Scott Street, the last street to the left before the bridge. We will drive in convoy for the last 2km.
Dr Lee Bowkett will be our guide today, bring along your fern flips. Please advise Roy Skabo (0458 696 639) if you are coming along. In case of cancellation due to bad weather members will be emailed on Friday 10th, so please check your inboxes. Driving distance is about 100 km each way via Lilydale and will take about 1 hr 20 mins according to Google.

Saturday 9 April - East Tamar Field Trip

Meeting at 10.00 am for a brief natural history foray at the Mt Direction picnic area just off the East Tamar Highway. Drive to the view from Mt George. Explore the easy grade Tamar estuary edge walk by the saltmarshes at George Town. Afternoon tea (basic food and Jeff's birthday celebration) at the cafe at the Low Head pilot station.

Tuesday 3 May - John Skemp Memorial Lecture

Andrew Darby, author of 'Flight Lines - Across the globe on a journey with the astonishing ultramarathon birds' to present an enthralling account of the 'Long distance journey of migratory shorebirds'. In memoriam too, for another great naturalist Clive Minton 1934 - 2019.

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